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  • Joint Aid Cream

    Joint Aid Cream

    This combination of Glucosamine Sulphate and Chondroitin Sulphate is a transdermal (meaning ‘through the skin’) form, meaning the benefits are administered directly to the required area in an instant and time releasing manner. Our gel is formulated using the highest-grade glucosamine & chondroitin to maximize absorption and effectiveness.

    From £9.99

  • Sleep Support

    Sleep Support

    All natural formulation to help induce a restful and a relaxed nights sleep. This gentle formula contains a well balanced recipe of herbs, known for their relaxation and sleep inducing qualities.

    From £14.95

  • Maxi Control

    Maxi Control

    MaxiControl’s proprietary formula will enhance your sexual stamina and give you staying power.  Its formula contains a synergistic blend of concentrated herbal extracts and nutriceuticals in a capsule form.

    From £29.98

  • Natural Relief From Arthritis Book (K001)

    Natural Relief From Arthritis Book (K001)

    Natural Relief From Arthritis Book. Explains the six major types of arthritis and examines treatments suitable for each, including alternative and natural medicine.

    Regular Price: £10.95

    Special Price: £4.95

  • Boost Virility Naturally Book (K007)

    Boost Virility Naturally Book (K007)

    Want to improve your sex life? This book demonstrates that an enjoyable sex life can be restored without resorting to synthetic prescription drugs.

    Regular Price: £10.95

    Special Price: £2.49

  • GeoMax


    With GeoMax you could enjoy solid erections that are bigger and longer when you are aroused and when you are at rest.

    From £29.95

  • Healing with Magnetic Therapy Book (K008)

    Healing with Magnetic Therapy Book (K008)

    In this instructive and authoritative book, Dr. Sarah Brewer, GP, Health Journalist of the Year 2002 and author of more than 30 books, profiles the numerous uses of electromagnetic therapy in treating a broad range of common complaints.

    Regular Price: £10.95

    Special Price: £2.49

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