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Lose weight without feeling hungry

The reason that many people find it hard to lose weight is simple – they feel hungry and give in to temptation. Until now...

GASTRICAP® HELPS YOU lose weight naturally because it actually fills you up! It’s impossible to lose weight if you’re always hungry. Gastricap® will give you the helping hand you need to hit your target weight...

Gastricap® harnesses the power of an amazing breakthrough in weight loss technology – nano fibres. These tiny fibres are 100% natural and contain almost no calories and no fat.

You simply take two capsules of Gastricap® with a glass of water before you eat. The nano-fibres absorb the water and form a gel which gently swells to fill your stomach. Gastricap® is effective within 10 minutes and means you feel full for up to 6 hours. You can still eat meals, but as you’re not hungry, it’s easy to eat smaller portions.

This means you can control your diet and lose weight in a manageable way.

Because you lose weight in a controlled way, rather than crash dieting, it also means you are much more likely to keep this weight off – permanently.

Your doctor may prescribe you pills to help you lose weight, but these can be habit forming and have unpleasant side effects including: headaches, nervousness, abdominal pain and sleep problems.

You may also be eligible for gastric bypass surgery which is used to reduce the size of your stomach. However this is an invasive procedure and many patients report problems or complications after surgery.