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  • Erexin


    Three sprays for a powerful lasting effect. All natural active ingredients – maximum potency, minimum wait!

    From £29.95

  • Max Action

    Max Action

    Does exactly what is says on the pack…. An ultra-powerful formula with Russian Eleuthero, Ginkgo & Panax. Max Action, Max Pleasure!

    From £14.98

  • Vasolator


    Rejuvenate your love life naturally – 21 all natural ingredients including Damiana Aphrodisia & Horney Goat Weed. Packed with punch and bursting with vigor!

    From £14.95

  • Uni-Sex


    Whether you’re a man or a woman, today with Uni-Sex 100% Master-Lover, you could multiply your powers of seduction

    From £14.98

  • GeoMax


    With GeoMax you could enjoy solid erections that are bigger and longer when you are aroused and when you are at rest.

    From £14.98

  • Karma+


    Karma+ is our newest and most potent herbal supplement to date. With this new and potent aphrodisiac you could have the erection you have always desired.

    From £29.95

  • Stallone


    With Stallone you could have longer lasting erections and an improvement in the quality of your orgasms,

    From £14.98

  • Maxi Control

    Maxi Control

    MaxiControl’s proprietary formula will enhance your sexual stamina and give you staying power.  Its formula contains a synergistic blend of concentrated herbal extracts and nutriceuticals in a capsule form.

    From £29.98

  • Hard Spray

    Hard Spray

    Contrary to what you may believe, erection, orgasm and ejaculation are 3 totally independent phrases. If your aim is to enhance your sexual performance, and increase your pleasure you need to work directly on these 3 phases. Hard Spray isn’t an allin- one treatment – it targets each of these phases. It’s a truly revolutionary product! 

  • Gladiator


    Conquer your virility with the power of Maca! This 100% natural aphrodisiac made with MACA root is one of our best sellers in the United States. Containing MACA root and KOLA extract, GLADIATOR is the most effective natural formula for increasing arousal and desire.

    From £14.98

  • Fortagra


    Fortagra contains natural active ingredients which can aid the relief of stress and make you feel horny

    From £29.95

11 Item(s)

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