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  • Erexin


    Three sprays for a powerful lasting effect. All natural active ingredients – maximum potency, minimum wait!

    From £29.95

  • Vasolator


    Rejuvenate your love life naturally – 21 all natural ingredients including Damiana Aphrodisia & Horney Goat Weed. Packed with punch and bursting with vigor!

    From £14.95

  • Ramagra


    Feel like a man again with this scientifically proven nutriceutical. Stop the vicious circle of humiliation and reinvigorate your life!

    From £14.95

  • Fortagra


    Fortagra contains natural active ingredients which can aid the relief of stress and make you feel horny

    From £29.95

  • Uni-Sex


    Whether you’re a man or a woman, today with Uni-Sex 100% Master-Lover, you could multiply your powers of seduction

    From £29.95

  • GeoMax


    With GeoMax you could enjoy solid erections that are bigger and longer when you are aroused and when you are at rest.

    From £29.95

  • Karma+


    Karma+ is our newest and most potent herbal supplement to date. With this new and potent aphrodisiac you could have the erection you have always desired.

    From £29.95

  • Stallone


    With Stallone you could have longer lasting erections and an improvement in the quality of your orgasms,

    From £29.95

  • Maxi Control

    Maxi Control

    MaxiControl’s proprietary formula will enhance your sexual stamina and give you staying power.  Its formula contains a synergistic blend of concentrated herbal extracts and nutriceuticals in a capsule form.

    From £29.98

  • Hard Spray

    Hard Spray

    Contrary to what you may believe, erection, orgasm and ejaculation are 3 totally independent phrases. If your aim is to enhance your sexual performance, and increase your pleasure you need to work directly on these 3 phases. Hard Spray isn’t an allin- one treatment – it targets each of these phases. It’s a truly revolutionary product! 

  • UltiMax


    A proprietary blend of plant extracts including the buds of the Muirapuama plant.

    From £29.95

11 Item(s)

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