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Can natural extracts lower cholesterol and help circulation?

HIGH CHOLESTEROL affects many thousands of people in the UK. If you are one of them, or just worried you might be at risk, here are some steps you can take to get your cholesterol under control.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in your blood. If you have too much cholesterol in your blood, it can increase your risks of:

  • • Heart disease
  • • Heart attacks
  • • Having a stroke
  • • Circulation problems
  • • Hardening of the arteries
  • • Arterial damage
  • • Chest pain (angina)
  • • Blood clots
What can I do to lower my levels?
Diet is by far the biggest factor affecting your cholesterol levels. It is important to keep your diet low in fatty food, especially any foods containing saturated fat, and eat lots of fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals. This will also help to prevent high cholesterol from returning.

Get more exercise

Other lifestyle changes will have a big effect on your cholesterol - getting more exercise and losing weight (if you are overweight) will really help. Quitting smoking is also recommended as it reduces levels of HDL (good) cholesterol which help your body to process LDL (bad) cholesterol. Stopping smoking also reduces artery damage, lowers blood pressure and reduces the chances of getting heart disease.

Are there any natural extracts which can help?
Many of our readers have recommended Cholesterol & Triglyceride Lowering Formula by Life Natural Cures, as it reduces the amount of cholesterol you actually absorb from your food. It contains a concentrated plant sterol complex (this is what is added to spreads and yoghurts to lower cholesterol). We’d also recommend Artery Support Formula which contains a powerful blend of B Vitamins to help lower levels of an protein called Homocysteine which is linked to clogged arteries, heart disease and a whole host of serious health problems.