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How can a natural supplement help you in the bedroom over the winter?

From the age of 30, levels of the male sex hormone (testosterone) start to drop steadily, libido can decline and problems may arise, even though men continue to have very high expectations of their virility. If only there were a way to solve these issues without the side effects associated with a certain blue pill.

Thankfully, there are a selection of 100% natural products that will do just that. You’ll be able to activate the natural mechanism that produces testosterone. Optimum testosterone levels are vital for healthy male sexual function because it’s the hormone that controls sexual arousal, sperm production, potency and fundamentally the ability of the penis to maintain an erection for a sufficient amount of time to have satisfying, fulfilling sexual intercourse.

Testosterone levels gradually decline as men age. That’s a clear fact. But the degree to which testosterone levels decline, as well as the extent of associated clinical changes (reduced libido, low bone mineral density and height loss, and decreased energy), is variable.