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  • Pain Free Gel

    Pain Free Gel

    An exclusive gel formula based on powerful remineralising organic silicon, which is involved in restoring the suppleness of your joints.
  • Collagenic Gel

    Collagenic Gel

    Collagen is a vital part of the human body and is present in every one of your cells. It is especially concentrated in your skin, muscles, joints and ligaments and has been described as the ‘glue’ that holds your body together. Turn back the clock on your body with this Joint and Muscle Gel.

    From £14.95

  • Prostaflex


    The power of nature to help you. A combination of 5 potent extracts including Saw Palmetto Extract, Pumpkin Extract & Nettle Root – 100% Pure & 100% Natural

    From £29.95

  • Minoxamax for Men

    Minoxamax for Men

    Get thick, natural, healthy hair! A scientifically researched blend of pure natural ingredients to nourish hair follicles - specifically formulated for Men

    From £29.95

  • Ramagra


    Feel like a man again with this scientifically proven nutriceutical. Stop the vicious circle of humiliation and reinvigorate your life!

    From £14.95

  • Insomnadrene


    Get a great night’s rest naturally with this powerful proprietary blend of ingredients. Let the power of nature take control.

    From £14.95

  • Maximum Memory Formula

    Maximum Memory Formula

    Keep your memory sharp with this super strength scientifically formulated product containing Bacopa Monniera, Ginkgo Biloba, DHA, Acethyl L-Carnitine, Phosphatidyl Serine, Ginger, Black Pepper & Vitamin B6. This is all of the proven actives together in one capsule.

    From £14.95

  • Joint Aid Cream

    Joint Aid Cream

    This combination of Glucosamine Sulphate and Chondroitin Sulphate is a transdermal (meaning ‘through the skin’) form, meaning the benefits are administered directly to the required area in an instant and time releasing manner. Our gel is formulated using the highest-grade glucosamine & chondroitin to maximize absorption and effectiveness.

    From £9.99

  • Ultimate Colon Cleanser

    Ultimate Colon Cleanser

    Keep your digestive system happy and healthy with Ultimate Colon Cleanser. The capsules contain 13 all natural nutrients, which break down the foods that we eat and pass them through the body more easily without leaving toxins.

    From £14.95

  • Silic-Rejuvenate


    Silicon goes right to the source of the problem – which makes it your potential source of health and happiness. Proving instant all-round physical benefits!

    From £29.95

  • Cistanol


    Finally, a breakthrough discovery in the quest for the secret of youth, longevity and good health!

    From £29.95

  • PainFree Pill

    PainFree Pill

    PainFree Pill is different from any other treatment on the market in that it uses the principle of chronobiology. Traditional formulas only act during the day – PainFree Pill works day AND night!

    From £29.95

  • Collagenic Capsules

    Collagenic Capsules

    Collagen is a vital part of the human body and is present in every one of your cells. It is especially concentrated in your skin, muscles, joints and ligaments and has been described as the ‘glue’ that holds your body together. Turn back the clock on your body with this High Strength bio-available collagen formula.

    From £14.95

  • Bladder Control Formula

    Bladder Control Formula

    Take back control of your bladder with Amino Acids & Herbal Extracts. Containing effective levels of L-Arginine, Schizandra Chinensis, Passiflora & L-Methionine.

    From £14.95

  • Tabashir Bamboo

    Tabashir Bamboo

    Containing Organic Silica its only ingredient, a true treasure of nature – will revitalise your whole body. This premium food supplement is the perfect partner for your body.

    From £29.95

  • AFA Source Caps

    AFA Source Caps

    AFASourceCaps stimulates stem cell production, naturally! Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae, commonly known as AFA, a superfood unique in the world, found only in Lake Klamath (Oregon).

    From £29.95

  • Arthrosolve Capsules

    Arthrosolve Capsules

    Joint product containing 10 therapeutic plant extracts with a large dose of the extnsively trialled pharmaceutical grade MSM for added benefit.

    From £14.95

  • Arthrosolve Gel

    Arthrosolve Gel

    Joint Gel containing Glucosamine, Meadowsweet, Papaya, Arnica & Goji. Effective ingredients, easy application, instant absorbtion & immediate effect!

    From £14.95

  • Celabolin Capsules

    Celabolin Capsules

    All natural effective joint formula of Celadrin, Herbal Extracts & Essential Minerals. Celadrin is a revolutionary ingredient developed after intensive research and has been shown to Out-performs Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM & SAMe.

    From £14.95

  • Celabolin Cream

    Celabolin Cream

    Soothing Joint Support Cream with Celadrin & Herbal Extracts. This cream works effectively on it own but for best results should be used with Celabolin capsules.

    From £14.95

  • Erexin


    Three sprays for a powerful lasting effect. All natural active ingredients – maximum potency, minimum wait!

    From £29.95

  • Thyrosine


    Manage weight easily and naturally with Thyrosine support formula . Release the power of this purified seaweed to help fight the struggle from within!

    From £14.95

  • Revitalise Tablets

    Revitalise Tablets

    Dual action tablet formulation combining the power of Green Lipped Mussel & Hyaluronic Acid. This product combines extensive testing with the latest science and technology to create a revolutionary product with amazing results.

    From £14.95

  • Viri Boost

    Viri Boost

    Intense, extreme and potent sexuality! With the Maca extract known as the natural Peruvian ‘Blue Pill’. With added Wild Yam, Dried Oats, Red Ginseng, Liquorice, Siberian Ginseng & Muira Puama.

    From £29.95

  • Sight Restorer

    Sight Restorer

    A Unique Formula Of Natural Ingredients; Sight Restorer® provides far reaching benefits and protect or stimulate the production of vital cells. Containing the highest quality Lutein & Bilberry Extract on the market.

    From £14.95

  • Celaritis Capsules

    Celaritis Capsules

    Supports Flexibility & Healthy Joint Function. Multi-Nutrient Formulation with Celadrin®, Minerals & Herbal Extracts

    From £14.95

  • Vasolator


    Rejuvenate your love life naturally – 21 all natural ingredients including Damiana Aphrodisia & Horney Goat Weed. Packed with punch and bursting with vigor!

    From £14.95

  • Prospirex


    A unique combination of clinically proven vitamins, minerals and nutrients! Crammed full with 23 of the highest-grade ingredients including Nettle, Saw Palmetto, Flax, Lycopene & Quercitin.

    From £14.95

  • Revitalise Gel

    Revitalise Gel

    Dual action gel formulation combining the power of Green Lipped Mussel & Hyaluronic Acid. Works with the capsules to attack from the outside in.

    From £14.95

  • Turmeric Complex

    Turmeric Complex

    Turmeric Complex -  our formula combines curcumin with bioperine, a patented black pepper extract, and gingerol, ginger extract, which help boost the absorption of curcuminoids and act like curcumin converted fixers for optimal bioavailability.

    From £29.95

  • Florida Joint Vitality

    Florida Joint Vitality

    Florida Joint Vitality® combines MSM and Glucosamine, and 27 other Vitamins and Minerals, plus a special Bovine Collagen.

    From £14.95

  • UltiMax


    A proprietary blend of plant extracts including the buds of the Muirapuama plant.

    From £29.95

  • Fortagra


    Fortagra contains natural active ingredients which can aid the relief of stress and make you feel horny

    From £29.95

  • GeoMax


    With GeoMax you could enjoy solid erections that are bigger and longer when you are aroused and when you are at rest.

    From £29.95

  • Maxi Control

    Maxi Control

    MaxiControl’s proprietary formula will enhance your sexual stamina and give you staying power.  Its formula contains a synergistic blend of concentrated herbal extracts and nutriceuticals in a capsule form.

    From £29.98

  • Hard Spray

    Hard Spray

    Contrary to what you may believe, erection, orgasm and ejaculation are 3 totally independent phrases. If your aim is to enhance your sexual performance, and increase your pleasure you need to work directly on these 3 phases. Hard Spray isn’t an allin- one treatment – it targets each of these phases. It’s a truly revolutionary product! 

  • Sleep Support

    Sleep Support

    All natural formulation to help induce a restful and a relaxed nights sleep. This gentle formula contains a well balanced recipe of herbs, known for their relaxation and sleep inducing qualities.

    From £14.95

  • Renaissance


    Each Renaissance capsule is composed of Muira Puama, L-Arginine, Siberian Ginseng and Guta Kola. All these ingredients are 100% natural. They only target the sexual system.

    From £29.95

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