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Would you like to say goodbye to Arthritis?

Is this the breakthrough for arthritis and joint pain you’ve been looking for?

Saying goodbye to Arthritis and joint problems naturally, without having to mix and match different types of supplements (or take high doses of them) has been the quest of so many people who struggle with these conditions.

You may have tried Glucosamine and Chondroitin or other products but still find you’re not getting all the relief you want.

Now the frustration of continually experiencing joint pain without any long lasting relief could be a thing of the past.

You may think you’re bound to have stiff joints as you get older? Not necessarily true. Our new discovery may just be the most important one ever made in the fight against Arthritis. It can bring you soothing, long-lasting comfort for stiff, inflexible joints with almost immediate effect.

As good as Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM are, scientists have discovered they may not be giving you the extra support your joints need to stay healthy, flexible and free of discomfort as they are only two of the compounds that are naturally found in all joint cartilage.

There are hundreds of others, including heparin sulphate, dermantan sulphate, keratin sulphate and hyaluronan that are equally essential in promoting healthy cartilage. So when you take only Glucosamine, Chondroitin or MSM you don’t get the cartilage-building benefits.

But there is only ONE compound that is proven to consistently rebuild the cartilage in your joints.

It’s called Bovine Collagen, and when it’s produced under strict laboratory conditions it can be taken by humans. It starts rebuilding damaged and arthritic joints from the time you take the very first capsule – more importantly it goes on repairing your joints until all of the pain and discomfort has gone.

Our scientists realised there was no single product that provided all the ingredients needed for both pain relief and building cartilage. They knew there had to be a better way.

So, after extensive international research, they developed the most comprehensive arthritis and joint support formula ever created.

It’s called Joint Vitality!

It’s the only solution you’ll ever need to ease arthritic pain and build cartilage.

Having strong, flexible joint cartilage is the first step for healthy joints. Many people with arthritis and joint pain take glucosamine, chondroitin or MSM, but they stop there. There are dozens more cartilage building sulphates.

When you take all of these sulphates together, your joint cartilage gets the maximum nutrition it needs to grow strong and healthy. That’s how Joint Vitality goes beyond glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM: by including these three nutrients and dozens more in our patented collagen. Your joints will bend and flex easily, cushioned by strong, healthy cartilage.

Joint Vitality is an advanced four-in-one nutritional supplement that contains everything your body requires for healthy joints.

But building strong joint cartilage is only part of your battle against arthritis and joint pain. Moving your joints is essential to regain mobility, and you can’t move them if you’re in pain. That’s why Joint Vitality includes powerful natural herbs to help speed relief.

Joint Vitality includes six of the best available. These herbs have been used for generations throughout Europe and Asia to ease arthritis and joint pain. They’re absolutely vital. They are Boswelia, Devil’s Claw, Alfalfa Leaf, Licorice Root, Yucca Root, Turmeric.

These herbs have been individually used by people of many different cultures. But when these herbs are combined in the special Joint Vitality formula, they relieve pain in the knees, hips, hand and fingers even more quickly.