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Would you like to remove urination problems and restore virility...

Having to visit the loo more often than you want and worrying about the virility challenges that getting older brings, affects so many men. But now there is a breakthrough treatment that has won acclaim worldwide.

Hypertrophy means an increase volume of the prostate. It affects several million men because as men age, gradually year after year, practically all of them are affected: 90% in fact. A ‘benign’ hypertrophy is a noncancerous condition and can be treated by natural medicine - because it’s naturally reversible in the true sense. By taking the right natural ingredients you can reduce the size of your prostate to improve ease of urination and sexuality (the latter is connected to the prostate).

The prostate covers the sphincter which surrounds the urethra, a muscle which allows voluntarily controlling micturition (the action of urinating). When you want to urinate, the sphincter opens and allows the urine to flow, whereas it is closed for the rest of the time, otherwise you would be incontinent. But with a hypertrophied prostate compressing the urethra, things become more complicated. The bigger the prostate, the smaller the diameter of the urethra and the more effort you must make to urinate.

Why is hypertrophy of the prostate so closely linked to virility

Obviously all more mature men with a prostate problem want to recover their lost erectile function. The prostate is at the crossroads of the urethra - through which both urine flows and semen is ejaculated via two separate tubes. If the prostate grows too large it compresses the ejaculation tube which poses an initial problem. The prostate secretes a proportion the mixture of seminal fluid and spermatozoids that makes up semen. Its compression poses a second problem. The third problem is familiar to men: an erection is difficult to obtain and the penis is only semi hard causing a problem when penetrating your partner and failures become ever more frequent.

Prostaless® helps reduce the size of the prostate so you don’t need to take so many trips to the toilet. It increases the flow of urine and makes it easier to fully empty the bladder – an end to those annoying last few drips. You won’t need to get up so many times at night. Your penis will again grow hard and the frequency and duration of your erections will increase.

No less than 17 active ingredients!

The results with Prostaless® speak for themselves: urination problems resolved, virility restored - everything works as it should. Men with an enlarged prostate have problems getting an erection but by reducing the volume of the prostate, erectile dysfunction is resolved. Never has such a comprehensive remedy been formulated for the prostate. Prostaless® contains in total 17 active ingredients. Most of them are medicinal plants which have been combined for the first time in a single capsule - they include Pumpkin seeds, The Nettle, Soya, Zinc,Horse Chestnut, Opuntia, The African Cherry, Saw Palmetto, Boswellia, Hoary Willow Herb, Cypress, Mastic, Puncture vine, Lycopene, Pollen, Selenium, Vitamin E.