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Would you like to halt hair loss?

Don’t let anyone tell you that losing your hair is just a part of growing older. Or that it doesn’t matter and you can’t do anything about it because it’s all down to your genes. How many times have you heard ‘if anyone’s bald in your family you’ve got no chance of keeping your hair!’ That’s partially true, male pattern baldness can be hereditary and ageing also has an effect on your once ‘thick thatch’. But unless someone has experienced the feeling of disappointment and inadequacy caused by hair loss, they can’t possibly understand how devastating going bald can be. The condition male pattern baldness can, and does, cause debilitating depression and loss of self confidence in thousands of men. Is this you? Do you feel less of a man, written off by others because of thinning hair? The good news is you can now do something about it.

A transatlantic breakthrough

It has been concluded by teams working together on both sides of the Atlantic that male pattern baldness is caused by your body making too much of a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. This hormone basically shrinks your hair follicles to such an extent they are no longer able to produce hair strong enough to either begin to grow or remain in your scalp for any length of time. Tests in America by eminent trichologists have shown those with male pattern baldness have significantly higher levels of DHT in the areas of the scalp showing greater hair loss.

While healthy hair has a normal cycle of growth, fall out and regrowth, high levels of DHT shorten and weaken the growing stages. This hastens the falling out leading to permanent thinning and ultimately, balding hair loss. The discovery of the cause of extensive hair loss enabled researchers to formulate natural ingredients known to individually promote healthy hair.

Hair follicles are damaged by too much DHT Hair grows about an inch every two months, with each hair growing for between two and six years. Hair follicles that are maintained by a healthy blood supply carrying key nutrients will thrive. At any given time, roughly 83% of the hair on your head is in the growing or ‘anagen’ phase and 17% is in what’s known as the ‘telegon’ or resting period.

Each hair sits in a cavity in the skin, the follicle, and as we age, baldness occurs when the follicle shrinks damaged by too many DHT hormones – resulting in shorter and finer hair. The end product is a very small follicle with no hair inside. Under normal circumstances, hair would grow back. However, in balding men the follicle fails to grow a new hair because even though the follicles remain alive, new growth has been prevented by the presence of too much DHT.