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Turn back your body clock

Can the power of natural silicon reverse the effects of ageing?

ONE OF THE MOST abundant elements in our body at birth, organic silicon possesses prodigious regenerative properties and is vital for the healthy functioning of the whole of the body.

Silicon is one of twelve principal constituent elements of living organisms, principally present in the skin, the vessel walls, bones, tendons, muscles, pancreas, bladder, liver, kidneys, heart, thyroid, adrenal gland, hair and nails.

Several scientific studies have proven the essential role of organic silicon in rebuilding ‘health capital’. Unfortunately, levels in your body deplete over the course of our lifetime, causing a loss in flexibility, suppleness and elasticity and triggering cellular degeneration, joint pain, a weakening of the immune system and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Silicon levels drop over time By the age of 70, the body has usually lost more than 80% of its silicon reserves, particularly in the skin, arteries and thymus gland.

Silicon is actually rather like ‘cellular cement’, repairing the physical ravages our body suffers in the ageing process. Our body is incapable of storing silicon, so a daily supplement is required.

It plays an important role in growth, regeneration and remineralisation of the bones, restoring the strength to tissues and cartilage. It has been proven to have an equally positive impact on the blood system and general metabolism of the body, particularly in the adipose and vascular tissue.

Boosting silicon levels reduces the effects of ageing It has been proven beyond all doubt that our organic silicon levels diminish irreversibly with age. There is a clear and established connection between the progressive reduction in silicon levels and the phenomenon of ageing.

If you want to rectify this silicon deficiency and put the brakes on the appearance of the signs of ageing, discover the extraordinary properties of silicon.


Silicon is present in high quantities in the joint tissue. It plays a fundamental role in maintaining our joints elastic, supple and comfortable.


The capacity of cells to combat viral attacks is specifically linked to the quality and quantity of organic silicon contained within each one of them.


Silicon is a constituent element of the skin, endowing it with structure and elasticity. Many studies have demonstrated the essential role of silicon in the formation of connective tissue.


The arteries form part of the tissue richest in organic silicon. A course of silicon supplements will have a direct impact on tone and flexibility of the arteries which fuel your body.