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The natural way to look and feel younger..

We all know we can’t cheat the ageing process but did you know that we can help our bodies and minds look and feel younger with natural supplements?

It’s the breakthrough discovery in the quest for the secret of youth, longevity and good health that everyone is looking for! Natural and herbal supplements help you look and feel younger Age takes it’s toll on your body making it harder to recover from injury, diseases and everyday wear and tear. The quest for the secret of eternal youth has been the subject of hundreds of book and films as it has fascinated people since the beginnings of civilisation.

But you can’t really fight the effects of time - can you? Of course there isn’t a magic potion which will miraculously make you young again, but the causes and effects of ageing on the human body are better understood than ever before. Thanks to breakthroughs in fighting disease, genetics and stem cell technology we have a wider range of tools than ever before to combat the damage done by the passing of time.

But can we really trust these cutting edge technologies? Actually yes we can, they may be new to the public, but years of testing and research have gone into developing the right formulas. Plus, many of these formulas have their roots in traditional medicine and cultures where plant extracts are used to fight disease, boost energy and prolong life. These plant extracts have been analysed, refined and concentrated to produce really potent formulas, but because they are 100% plant based they produce no side effects.

Researchers know that nature holds the answer to many physical illnesses and that our current medicines all owe their roots to the natural world. Herbalists of the middle ages laid the foundations and paved the way for our modern-day allopathic medicine. As life expectancy increases year  by year, there is a growing need to seek out and identify natural active ingredients, the fruits of nature that will allow us to stay young for longer.

CISTANOL® the rejuvenating discovery of the 21st Century that’s revolutionising science Thanks to its high glycoside content, specifically cistanoside, echinacoside and acteoside, Cistanche Tubulosa is the most powerful plant on a very broad spectrum of health restorative plants, with the power to regenerate your cells and combat the effects of ageing. In the space of just a few days, you will feel the difference. Younger, more energetic, more vital – you will feel the years roll back. Better than DHEA, better than Melatonin, better than SOD… Cistanche Tubulosa has no side effects and no contraindications!

The Shennong Ben Cao Jing, the medical encyclopedia, written around 2,000 years ago in China, recommends the use of a ‘plant of the Gods’ native to “death’s desert” to treat a great number of illnesses and conditions. For centuries, the identity of this ‘life-giving’ plant remained an unsolved mystery until just a few years ago, when it was finally identified as Cistanche Tubulosa - a very rare plant that grows solely in the inhospitable desert of Takla-Makan.

Anti-fatigue, anti-ageing, anti-pain, anti-oxidant, regenerative, immune system booster, DNA protector...CISTANOL® restores the vitality of your organs, your metabolism and your physical, mental and emotional well-being!

Researchers know that nature holds the answer to many physical illnesses and that our current medicines all owe their roots to the natural world. Herbalists of the middle ages laid the foundations and paved the way for our modern-day allopathic medicine.

As life expectancy increases year by year, there is a growing need to seek out and identify natural active ingredients, the fruits of nature that will allow us to stay young for longer.