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Stem cells are the most talked about discovery in medicine at the moment, but now you don’t need a laboratory to benefit...

THE NEWS IS FULL of stories of miraculous recoveries from illness and disability brought about through stem cell treatments.

Until now, these treatments consisted of implanting embryonic stem cells (most frequently from the umbilical cord). A new discovery has opened up an amazing new avenue of possible treatments.

A totally unique, 100% natural active ingredient has the potential to stimulate the regeneration of your own stem cells. Its name is AFASource.Caps.

The proof is in the science!

Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae, commonly known as AFA, a superfood unique in the world, found only in Lake Klamath (Oregon), has gained a reputation as a miracle molecule. Sold in the US since 1980, as a restorative, thousands of testimonials have told of spectacular cures and improvements in conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, heart attacks and other cardiac disease.

From 35 onwards stem cell density starts to reduce! Stem cells repair damaged tissue and organs. They ensure the constant renewal of your cells and, where there is injury or trauma, they heal and form scar tissue and rebuild the damaged flesh. After the age of 35, although this process should theoretically continue throughout our life, stem cell reproduction becomes slower and less effective.

This opens the door to health issues, minor conditions at first (colds, flu, angina), skin ageing, rheumatism, loss of flexibility, shortness of breath, then more troublesome issues such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

But the source of the stem cells is still present and intact, dormant in your bone marrow, and their potential is immense. AFA can reactivate the production of stem cells in your bone marrow. Every day specialists find new and specific ways of using stem cells to cure those suffering from illness and disease. AFASource.Caps boost the production of the stem cells present in your bone marrow, increasing the number of stem cells in your body.