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Learn to love your joints again!

JOINT PAIN AND arthritis affects over 2 million people in the UK alone – if you’re one of them, new research has revealed a breakthrough treatment.

If you suffer with Osteoarthritis, your cartilage (this is the soft tissue which protects the surface of your bones inside your joints from everyday damage) begins to break down.
The effects include your cartilage becoming fragile and easily damaged and the bone inside your joints thickening, reducing your mobility. Unsightly lumps can start to form around the edges of your joints, causing discomfort and the fluid inside your joints thickens, reducing flexibility.

In severe cases, part of your cartilage may even break away from the bone, leaving your bone ends exposed – your bones will then grind against each other, causing you unbearable pain and leaving permanent damage to your joints.

If you suffer with Rheumatoid arthritis, your joints become extremely painful, look swollen and red and appear warm to the touch. The disease usually starts in your wrists, hands or feet but will often spread to other parts of the body.

But don’t give up – a breakthrough substance has shown amazing results in arthritis and joint pain treatment.

Proven joint pain breakthrough

The effects of fatty acids (like those found in cod liver oil) are well known for helping to alleviate the pain of arthritis by lubricating and soothing painful joints.

A brand new substance, Celadrin®, takes this a stage further as it is scientifically formulated to systematically enhance and lubricate cell membranes throughout the body providing youthful flexibility and joint movement.

In clinical trials, Celadrin® was found to out-perform all other joint formulas available and was found to be effective in just half an hour.

Because it is completely natural it also has no side effects and was found to be especially effective when used in tablet form, combined with an application in cream form directly to the affected area.