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How can you turn back the clock on your skin?

DID YOU KNOW that your body actually stops producing collagen around your 30th birthday?

The levels of collagen in your system then drop over time until you are left with less than half by the time you reach 50. This means that every time your joints and muscles suffer everyday damage, it becomes impossible for your body to repair them.

Collagen is a vital part of the human body and is present in every one of your cells. It is especially concentrated in your skin, muscles, joints and ligaments and has been described as the ‘glue’ that holds your body together.

How losing collagen makes you look older

When your collagen levels fall, it causes the structure of your skin to break down. This leads to folds, wrinkles and sagging skin. Replacing lost collagen and elastin helps to rebuild the structure of the skin’s surface. This smooths out wrinkles and gives firmer skin tone.