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Could this dual-action formula end your joint pain ?

YOUR CARTILAGE IS, the natural cushioning for our joints. It forms a natural shock absorber, so everyday exercise and wear and tear doesn’t cause damage to your bones. However, as we get older, our cartilage deteriorates as it becomes damaged and cannot repair itself. This leads to the swelling, stiffness and reduced mobility that are arthritis sufferers know only too well. Without treatment, your cartilage will continue to degrade, and the swelling will worsen leading to a spiral of joint damage, pain and lost mobility. But don’t despair...

A breakthrough joint programme

Chronobiology is based on an understanding of human biorhythms, and the times of day most conducive to the healing or regeneration of specific organs. Scientific testing has shown that the human body really does work like a clock that ticks in response to the nutrients it absorbs.

Chronobiology has shown the human body is best suited to ease pain during the day and strengthen the joints overnight. This knowledge could have a significant and verifiable impact on the way we treat arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis and rheumatism.