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Could natural supplements fight failing vision?

HAVE YOU NOTICED YOUR eyesight deteriorating? Maybe you suffer with blurry vision or have difficulty adjusting to very bright conditions?

If so, you could be suffering from macular degeneration which affects people over the age of 60 but can also develop in those in their forties and fifties.

Getting older can be tough at the best of times and remaining fit and well is key to long term happiness. But what if you suffer with an eyesight deteriorating condition such as AMD? Not being able to see loved ones properly or read a good book can lead to frustration, misery and ultimately depression. But don’t despair, a breakthrough formula, Sight Restorer® will make a dramatic difference to your eyesight and so enhance the quality of your life.

Protect yourself against sight loss

Research over a 10 year period by the National Eye Institute in America showed the effects of AMD are prevented or greatly reduced by taking the high-dose combination of nutrients and antioxidants present in Sight Restorer®.

Nearly 5,000 people were monitored and results showed that those taking the supplement had the risk of developing advanced AMD reduced by 25% when compared to those taking placebos.

Further research in the UK at the Medical Research Council at Southampton University concluded that antioxidants used in Sight Restorer® are vital for preventing and treating Age-related Macula Degeneration.