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Could herbal supplements help you look and feel younger?

AGE TAKES ITS toll on your body making it harder to recover from injury, diseases and everyday wear and tear. The quest for the secret of eternal youth has been the subject of hundreds of book and films as it has fascinated people since the beginnings of civilisation.

But you can’t really fight the effects of time - can you?
Of course there isn’t a magic potion which will miraculously make you young again, but the causes and effects of ageing on the human body are better understood than ever before. Thanks to breakthroughs in fighting disease, genetics and stem cell technology we have a wider range of tools than ever before to combat the damage done by the passing of time.

Can we really trust these cutting edge technologies?

Actually yes, they may be new to the public, but years of testing and research have gone into them. Plus, many of these formulas have their roots in traditional medicine – many cultures use plant extracts to fight disease, boost energy and prolong life. These plant extracts have been analysed, refined and concentrated to produce really potent formulas, but which are 100% plant based so produce no side effects. Here is our pick of the very best around.