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Can you turn back the clock on your body to look and feel younger?

COLLAGEN IS VITAL to help your body repair everyday wear and tear, but your levels will gradually drop as you get older.

Once you reach 30, they begin to decline and you will be left with less than half by the time you reach 50. This means that every time your joints and muscles suffer everyday damage, it becomes impossible for your body to repair them.

Collagen is a vital part of the human body and is present in every one of your cells. It is especially concentrated in your skin, muscles, joints and ligaments and has been described as the ‘glue’ that holds your body together. Collagen is also responsible for keeping your bones dense and strong, so without it they become weak and brittle – meaning they break more easily and heal less well. It is also vital to keep your skin healthy, firm and supple – loss of collagen is the main cause of wrinkles and loose skin.

Loss of collagen has also been linked to memory loss, problems with eyesight and chronic lack of energy.

Is there a way that I can replace my lost collagen?
Actually there is! We’d recommend using a specific type of collagen product according to what you are trying to treat - and the most comprehensive range we’ve found is called Collagenic® from a company called Life Natural Cures.

They offer a joint and muscle gel, which is perfect if you suffer with arthritic joint pain as it can be applied directly to the problem joints, for maximum effect.

The same principle is behind their highly effective collagen face cream. Many other creams claim to contain collagen but actually have very low levels. Collagenic is packed with high grade collagen, combined with a blend of Vitamin E and Soy Protein.

Collagenic is also available as a high strength capsule which can be used on its own to boost energy levels, enhance muscle function and ensure general health - or it can be taken in combination with either cream for added power!