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Can herbal medicine end joint pain?

CAN YOU REMEMBER THE days before your rheumatism set in?

Did it ever occur to you, back then, that the pain and discomfort could reach this unbearable, crippling level?

Of course not! And think back to all those little things you used to be able to do without pain. The reality is that you, like millions of other people in England, are suffering needlessly and without knowing it, depriving yourself of the chance to lead a normal life because there is a solution!

In the 19th century, a herbalist monk named Reverend Father David perfected a formula purported at the time to have ‘miraculous’ properties! Over a period of 20 years, this monk worked on his formula. People started to talk about its power to relieve joint pain and pilgrims sometimes walked thousands of kilometres to heal their painful conditions!

On the death of the Reverend Father David, it was the apothecary of the monastery who perpetuated the tradition of the monk’s discovery. That’s how, 4 generations of apothecaries later, his formula has reached us, intact!